Soar amidst the unexpected and unwelcome, starting now

Learn how to:

  • Move beyond coping with change and into thriving amidst the unknown
  • Boldly uncover your hidden fears and insecurities and embrace your true identity
  • Quit going it alone and discover how to find your people
  • Cultivate a culture of joy for your family
  • Build a legacy that powerfully shapes generations to come

Find God's path toward significance is divinely different but surprisingly freeing, today.

How do you build a significant life when everything looks completely different than you had hoped?

Unwelcome surprises like an unexpected diagnosis or an unwanted betrayal can turn a vivid, colorful future into a cloudy gray.

Where is God in all the disruption? How could He let these things happen? And what are you supposed to do now?

These honest questions have recently shaped Jen Jones’ life. Now, she welcomes you to embark on a journey of transformation and God’s remarkable plan for you: to live divinely different.  

The journey begins right here, right now.

What's inside?

Boldly break through your fears and insecurities, stop seeking approval from others, and discover a confidence that can’t be shaken.

Move beyond coping with change and into thriving amidst the unknown. Stop feeling stuck and flourish in your life right now.

Learn how to find your people, create community and build a family legacy that powerfully shapes generations to come.

Jen Jones is passionate about personal transformation.

Through her books, courses, conferences and groups, she equips and empowers women to create the life they love on a foundation of faith. 

She is a certified health coach and has built a nationwide health and wellness business. She guides people on a path to help them take control of their health — mentally, physically and spiritually.

Jen and her husband Marcus are living a great adventure in San Diego, California with their four teenage children. Together they like to cultivate joy through dance videos, travel, family fun nights, and toes under the table.

Jen Jones

Author, Speaker, & Coach

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